Elyptol x WildArk

WildArk is raising funds to purchase 3000-acres of critical habitat for native wildlife in the Richmond Ranges of NSW, just 75-minutes from Byron Bay. This wooded Eucalyptus forest property, borders on National Park and State Forest, and will extend the green corridor as a wildlife sanctuary and release zone for injured and rehabilitated wildlife. It is also an ideal breeding site for marsupials. 

This area provides critical habitat for koalas, various wallabies, Powerful owls, Black Glossy cockatoos, and several reptiles and amphibian species. Over 15% of Australian marsupials are found within a 10km radius of the property including healthy koala populations. 

WildArk is working to raise the remaining $400,000 gap to secure the property. Additional funding is required for predator-proof fencing, weed eradication, reforestation, riparian repair, building a small eco visitor centre, and ongoing operational costs.

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Image Courtesy of David Yarrow

About WildArk  

WildArk  is a global not-for-profit conservation effort that was founded in 2016.

Our mission is to promote and support activities that educate, enable, provide resources or inspire humanity to sustainably conserve, protect or restore the environment and the world’s ecosystems, natural resources, wildlife and wild places. 

The mission is manifested through positive storytelling, scientific research, supporting wildlife conservation and investing in space for the wild.  Learn more at  www.wildark.org.