About Elyptol

   Elyptol practices green chemistry, harnessing the power of nature to advance health and hygiene.

Our Mission

To work from the ground up.

Through years of extensive research and development using green chemistry, Elyptol has produced highly compatible skin-care and hygiene products. The formulations we created are effective for infection control for professional healthcare, specifically because Elyptol is designed for frequent use.

Eucalyptus was our inspiration; its healing and medicinal properties have been known in Australia for centuries.

We paired eucalyptus oil to equally natural sanitizing ingredients – pure ethanol derived from sugar cane and corn. This combination brings you improved efficacy in eliminating germs and also a safer and gentler product.

This interplay is our DNA: our deep roots to the planet, a commitment to working in harmony with the natural world, and loving nature as much as we love people. Read more about our new technology and transformative product lines. We’re reaching out to you, with clean and healthy hands. Come evolve with us to a new level of high and sustained positive outcomes.

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Why We’re Different

Elyptol produces products that are antimicrobial (not just antibacterial), killing a wider range of germs.

Historically, competitors have been focused on the efficacy of germ kill as the single most important aspect of their product. In other words conventional sanitizers sought a faster kill rate via chemical engineering, but often at the expense of skin health. And still yet, touching a contaminated object within seconds after applying, renders the previous application as ineffective.

Frequent use is instrumental for true infection control.

Our botanically based formulation with an organic moisturizing approach makes our product gentle on skin and ideal for frequent use. Our products are gentle on the skin due to both the soothing skin repair function of the eucalyptus, our organic moisturizers and the fresh clean scent that promotes frequent compliance.

Elyptol uses botanical food grade ethanol and eucalyptus ingredients known for soothing and healing aching bones and irritated skin.

Most competitive products are based on propan, 2-propanol which are of the petroleum chemical family. These petroleum chemicals can become hazardous materials, cause damage to skin with long-term use and bio-accumulate in the environment.

Elyptol’s products meet or exceed global efficacy standards across the antimicrobial spectrum by using natural green technology.