Living out Loud LA - Hospital Grade, FDA Registered All Natural Hand Sanitizer That Will Moisturize Instead of Dry Out Your Hands
By Living Out Loud Staff on August 20, 2020 @livingoutloudla


Are you tired of applying that chemical-pungent, hand-stinging sanitizer yet? We’re excited to tell you about a hand hygiene solution that’s simply better in more ways than one.

Elyptol harnesses the healing properties of eucalyptus oil and naturally-sourced pure ethanol to bring you a product that sanitizes in a healthy and eco-friendly way. Despite its gentle feel, make no mistake that this hand sanitizer is FDA listed and hospital grade.

Costco is selling Elyptol’s best-selling gel in 16-ounce bottles, sold in packs of two for $11.49 a 65% savings from normal retail prices. Look for a gentler way to kill germs at your local Costco store in San Diego and Arizona and get familiar with the Australian brand taking the U.S. by storm.

Get familiar with the Australian brand taking the U.S. by storm.

To Kill Germs Gently, Think Naturally with Elyptol

  • Kills 99.99% of germs with 70% alcohol
  • Contains eucalyptus oil and pure ethanol derived from sugar cane to eliminate germs gently and safely
  • Uses botanical food grade ethanol and eucalyptus ingredients known for soothing and healing aching bones and irritated skin
  • Antimicrobial (not just antibacterial) to kill a wider range of germs
  • The first Type 1 eco-certified and professionally registered hand sanitizer

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